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Bobby Roode is  A professional wrestler who is a former Two Time TNA World Heavyweight Champion, King of the Mountain Champion, and A Six time TNA Tag Team Champion.(five times with James Storm, Once with Austin Aries)He is also a 2011 Bound for Glory Series winner.

Bobby Roode over Tye Dillinger.

Tye Dillinger defeated Bobby Roode in the Main Event.  This was simply a Glorious Ten match!!  Roode comes out to a massive pop with everyone singing along to his theme.  He then cuts a promo stating that he was sent here to make Fort Pierce Glorious but looking at everyone in the crowd that’s impossible.  He then talks about the Dusty Classic and how Dillinger begged him to be his partner and turned out to be a failure.  He states that Dillinger isn’t here tonight and that the ref should ring the bell and start the 10 count so he can be declared the winner and get the hell out of this town.  Count starts and when they get to 10….Dillingers music hits to an even bigger pop!  He hits the ring and the match is on.  Tons of back and forth action.  Dillinger pins Roode for the win.

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Sanity defeats Bobby Roode & Tye Dillinger after Bobby decides to walk out of Tye wanting no part of Sanity.

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Bobby Roode defeated Cedric Alexander

Samoa Joe & Bobby Roode def. Shinsuke Nakamura & No Way Jose

Bobby Roode def. Cedric Alexander

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After Dillinger’s match Roode comes out and offers Tye to become partner’s with him for the Dusty Rhode’s Classic and the perfect ten accepts his offer.

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Bobby Roode defeated No Way Jose

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Bobby Roode made his highly anticipated in-ring debut in Brooklyn, and if his entrance was any indication, it was going to be glorious!

As choirs sang his praises to the sold-out crowd, Roode descended from the heavens to compete in his first match against Andrade “Cien” Almas. The luchador tried to use his speed and skills to keep Roode off kilter, but the former world champion was always one step ahead. Almas eventually turned the table on Roode, flipping over the ropes to avoid the cocky Superstar.

Roode showed off his power, hoisting Almas up for a stalling vertical suplex, but soon found himself on the arena floor as a twisting “Cien” crashed into him. Almas had victory in his sights as he lined Roode up for his double knee strike, but Roode recovered and turned Almas inside out with a huge clothesline. The former World Champion tried to suplex Almas off the ropes, but the luchador landed on his feet. Almas finally connected with his charging knee strike, but Roode escaped a hammerlock DDT and hit a spinebuster of his own. Roode capitalized and connected with the Glorious Bomb, a vicious pumphandle slam, to get the three-count and win his NXT debut as he basked in the spotlight.


Bobby Roode’s arrival to NXT was nothing short of memorable. After months of speculation – and an appearance in the crowd at NXT TakeOver: Dallas – the celebrated competitor finally addressed the NXT Universe on Aug. 3, and proceeded to make some very grand claims.

The former World Champion made it clear that he has big plans for NXT, which include, among other things, making the brand glorious. Though it remains to be seen what exactly that entails, Roode didn’t wait long to set his sights on an opponent: Fellow NXT newcomer  Andrade “Cien” Almas.

After watching the international Superstar defeat Angelo Dawkins, Roode informed him that General Manager William Regal scheduled a match between the two of them at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II.


These veteran Superstars haven’t been in NXT together long enough to build up a personal rivalry, but you can bet the competitive nature of both Superstars will be more than enough to deliver a must-see showdown.

Almas is a decorated luchador who has captured multiple championships during his time in Mexico and Japan. The high-flying Superstar made his NXT debut at TakeOver: The End…of the Beginning, soundly defeating Tye Dillinger. Since then, Almas has continued to impress, showing why he is a world-renowned competitor.

On the other side, Roode can talk himself up better than anyone else; just watch his NXT arrival.  Despite his overly cocky demeanor, he really is that good inside the squared circle. Simply put, there’s a reason the NXT Universe has been buzzing about his arrival for months: Roode is glorious.

Both of these Superstars bring with them extremely high expectations, so neither can afford to lose at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II. With two extremely different approaches both inside and outside the ring, this contest has the makings of an instant classic. Will Almas’ star continue to rise with a high-profile victory over Roode? Or can the boastful Roode live up to his hype with a win in his NXT in-ring debut?

See who will claim victory in this highly anticipated NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II showdown Saturday, August 20 at 8E/5P, live on the award-winning WWE Network.

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Name:Robert F."Bobby"Roode
Stage Name(s}:Bobby Roode,Robert Roode,Bobby Rude,Lee Awesome
Birthday:January 1st,1977
Billed:Toronto,Ontario,Canada,Wall Street in Manhattan,New York.
Bio:Starting his TNA career as a member of Team Canada, which he had much success. Also having his first singles run with Roode,Inc be successful feuding with the likes of Eric Young and Frankie Kazarian and having Traci Brooks and Payten Brooks(Rain) as managers. Than in 2008,TNA threw together James Storm and Bobby Roode, to become Beer Money one of their most successful tag teams in the company.Roode's one the first ever Bound for Glory Series earing him a title shot at Bound For Glory were he was unsuccessful at beating Kurt Angle for the title. He finally was able to capture singles gold when he turned on tag team partner James Storm to win the World Heavyweight Championship from him. Losing the title finally at Destination X to Austin Aries, ending his 256 day reign as Champion. Now him and James look to settle their feud in a blood bath. Roode has now become a two time World Heavyweight Champion and the current one after defeating Lashley in a brutal rematch.
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